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        Weifang Tiancheng Kite Factory has more than 20 years history since it was established in 1992, Weifang Tiancheng Feiyuan Kite Co.,Ltd was established in 2008 on the basis of Weifang Tiancheng Kite Factory. There are hundreds of different styles in our product, and our main products are Traditional Kite, Moden Kite, Advertising Kite etc.

        Meanwhile, we can design and make all kinds of AD Kites based on customer’s request. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions. We were invited to take part in the International Kite Festival and Competition held in Asia, Europe, America and other countries for years, and received a high evaluation from Chinese and Foreign kite companies and customers.

        Our company is a member of  Weifang Arts and Crafts Association and Weifang Folk Artists Association, and designated manufacturer for Weifang Kite Association and Weifang Kite Industry Association.

        In 1998 we took part in the Kite Competition of Weifang International Kite Festival for the first time, and we take part in the Weifang International Kite Festival every year from then on. Our kite bear the palm in Kite Festival for many years, and Earned high marks from Jiang Chunyun, one of our national leaders. Many local TV, CCTV and other medias came to our company for interview and reports in recent years. For example, CCTV-7 The Way to Wealth programs came to our company to interview and made the special “Kite Story of Mr.Wang Yongxun”. CCTV-2 Wealth Story programs came to our company to interview and made the special “An Ancient Sailboat Flying In The Sky”. We have been paying attention to public welfare establishments for many years, so we received a high evaluation from all public and “Women Culture Sentry” title from the Women's Federation Hanting Branch.

        We are the exclusive named company in “Tiancheng Feiyuan” Cup 1st and 2nd Kite Trade Fair in Weifang China, and received high evaluation from International Kite Federation leaders and Weifang Kite Federation Leaders.

       Wang Yongxun – our general manager is vice-chairman and secretary-general in Weifang Kite Industry Association, Director in Weifang Kite Association.Wang yongxun is the first man who held the Weifang Kite & Art Exhibition in china and the first man who register “Feiyuan” brand for his kites. We got the patent license of International Kite Federation in May, 2005 and our products were named to World Blue Sky Cup Folk Art Creative and Exquisite Works by International Kite Association and were allowed to use the Marks, Mascot and Designated Patent Title of International Kite Association.

       In 2008, Wang Yongxun, one of the wealth leaders, obtained the “Integrity Golden Tripod” in Weifang Economic Personality of the Year. In 2009, Wang Yongxun won “Weifang Arts and Crafts Master” in the 2nd Weifang Arts and Crafts Master Appraisal in June, and won “Shandong Ten Folk Arts Master 2009” in August.

        In 2009, we designed and made the kites held by people at our 60th National Day Parade, and our company was praised as the supportive and contributive company of 60th National Day Parade.  In 2010, Weifang International Kite Festival Office confer the Kite Production Base of Weifang Arts and Crafts Association to our company in January and General Worker Union of Hanting District Weifang City confer “Worker Pioneer” to our company in March.

       In addition, on the basis of our original products we develop more new product. For example, Chinese traditional fabric tiger, fabric toy, clay sculpture, lights & floats, properties, decorations and other arts etc. We can process and make different product according to customer’s request and samples. We can also design and hold different big arts kite exhibition in park and supply promotional kite for customer.

       Customers from all over the world are welcomed by all the staff in Weifang Tiancheng Feiyuan Kite Co., Ltd!  

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